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Ammonium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate / Dithiophosphate BA 91%

CAS Number


Other trading names

  • Ammonium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate

Types of Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
  • Use steel drum with 40kg/drum capacity and plastic woven bags with 40kg/bag capacity

HS Code:

Chemical appearance

Dithiophosphate BA or Ammonium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate has a white and pale greyish coloured appearance. It comes in a fine powder form which has no kind of odour. It has a PH level of 9.

Chemical application and strength

Dithiophosphate BA or Ammonium Dibutyl Dithiophosphate is a very good collector and flotation agent of nonferrous metallic minerals like copper, zinc sulfide (activated), silver, polymetallic ores, and lead.

  • Its pH levels are ideal in the depressing process of iron pyrites.
  • It has is a very strong collector compared to thiocarbamates and various secondary collectors.
  • A good flotation agent and is quite selective within acidic environments.
  • Dithiophosphate BA can be quite weak in collecting magnetizing pyrite and pyrite but is very selective
  • It is a very good collector of galena and can enhance the separation of pyrite and galena.
  • It can also enhance the separation process of pyrite and chalcopyrite.
  • This is a very useful flotation agent of antimony sulfide minerals and nickel.
  • Also a very effective flotation agent of nickel sulfide minerals.
  • It is soluble in water.
  • Very well known to be effective in the recovery process of precious minerals like silver, platinum, and gold.


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