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Sodium Benzoate

Other Trading Names:

Benzoate of Soda


CAS Number:


HS Code:


Types of Packaging:

25kg bag packaging

100kg bag packaging

Customized packaging


Chemical Appearance

Sodium Benzoate is a crystalline shape chemical, white in color and odorless. It can also appear in powder form depending on the demand and usage. It is soluble in water, liquid ammonia, and ethanol.

Chemical Application and Strength

Sodium Benzoate is a chemical that is very useful in the food processing industry. A larger part of its functions are seen in this industry.  Below are an overview of many uses of Sodium Benzoate:

Sodium Benzoate is used as a preservative in food processing and packaging. It is mostly applied for acidic food because of its ability to preserve the acidity. Some of these foods are carbonated drinks, sauces, fruit and vegetables, soy sauce, e.t.c. It is a notable chemical used in salad dressing and enhancement.

It can also be used alongside P-hydroxybenzoic acid esters to enhance the quality of beverages and soy sauce.

It is used in pharmaceutical and medical companies for the production of drugs and can also play a synergistic role in low temperature sterilization. Can also be used due intermediate, preservative, fungicide, and in plant genetic research.

In healthcare, it can be used for the treatment of Urea cycle due to its ability to displace amino acids.

It can serve as an antimicrobial agent in the fighting of microorganisms growth in food and other substances.

It is used in dye production as a mordant and also as a plasticizer in the plastic making industry. It can also serve as an intermediate component in the organic synthesis of spices.

It is also used in the firework making process due to its ability to produce whistles. It serves as a whistle mix that produces noise in fireworks.

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