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Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous

CAS Number


Other trading names

  • Sodium Silicate Pentahydrate
  • Disodium Metasilicate
  • Disodium Trioxosilicate
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Pentahydrate Granular Sodium Metasilicate
  • Metso
  • Sasil
  • Pentasil
  • Waterglass
  • 9 hydrate

Types of Packaging

  • 25/kg PP/PE bag
  • 500/kg PP/PE bag
  • 1000/kg PP/PE bag

HS Code:

Product Overview

Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is an inorganic substance, a stable chemical made of silicon, sodium and oxygen. This chemical is made with the melting of silica sand or quartz with sodium carbonate at high temperature to create glassy substances which are grind further into fine powder.

Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous must be kept in dry, cool and well ventilated places as it can react with acids and oxidizing substances etc., to produce heat and fumes. Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is mostly used as a builder, surfactant and corrosion inhibitor in various industrial applications.

Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is used in a wide range of industrial chemicals such as detergent and in the cleaning industry as a cleaning agent and builder in laundry and dishwashing detergents. This chemical is also used in the construction industry to improve the strength and durability of cement and concrete compositions.

Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous is also used as a dispersion and sizing agent in the paper and pulp industry which is very common. In the water treatment facilities, it serves as a corrosion inhibitor and a scale inhibitor. This chemical is used in the metal processing industry as a degreasing and cleaning Agent as well.

While handling Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous, must wear protective gear including gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask, it is advised to keep these things in mind. When this chemical is contacted with skin, eyes or any sensitive part of the human body, immediately flush it with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical help right away at that time.


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