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Potassium Butyl Xanthate 90% (PBX 90%)

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120kg iron drum

850kg plywood box


Potassium Butyl Xanthate is a reagent that plays a pivotal role in modern mining and metallurgy.

Flotation Process Facilitator: Potassium Butyl Xanthate is an indispensable ally in the flotation process, a cornerstone of mineral extraction. Flotation involves separating desired minerals from their ores.

Selective Adhesion: When introduced to a slurry of finely ground ore and water, Potassium Butyl Xanthate selectively adheres to sulfide minerals present in the mixture. These minerals, often hosting valuable elements like copper or lead, exhibit a unique affinity for the xanthate.

Bubble Attachment: Air bubbles are introduced into the slurry. The hydrophobic mineral surfaces coated with Potassium Butyl Xanthate collectors readily attach to the bubbles, effectively making them float to the surface.

Rising to the Top: The mineral-laden bubbles rise to the surface of the flotation cell, forming a froth layer. This froth contains the target minerals, which are then skimmed off as concentrate.

Potassium Butyl Xanthate is light yellow powder or pellet with strong odour, soluble in water that can easily dissolve when exposed to acid and extreme heat.

It is used for key mining reagents with a purity 85% and 90%.

Potassium butyl xanthate is a most powerful collector with strong selectivity,widely used in the flotation treatment of sulfide ores,zinc ores and nickel ores,especially for the flotation treatment of Cu-Ni compound sulfide ore as well as gold mine associated with pyrite.


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