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Sodium Sulfide

CAS Number:


Other Trading Names:

  • Sodium Hydrosulfide
  • Sulfide
  • NaHS

Types of Packaging

  • Plastic bags with 25kg weight capacity per bag.
  • 900kg jumbo bags.
  • 20-22 MT with pallet by 20GP FCL
  • 25MT without pallet by 20GP FCL

HS Code:



Sodium Sulfide exists in flakes or liquid form and has either a yellow or red color. It is an inorganic compound. It has a typical mercaptan or rotten egg odor. It is completely soluble in water. It also reacts violently with strong acids. It reacts with oxidizing agents. It is insoluble in ether and slightly soluble in alcohol. During exposure to moist air, Sodium Sulfide and its hydrates will yield hydrogen sulfide. It is also known as “stinky alkali,” and the liquid form is strongly alkaline. The chemical formula of Sodium Sulfide is Na2S.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

Sodium Sulfide is an extensively useful industrial chemical, and it has several applications and uses in different industries. Its applications include:

  • It is used as a dye auxiliary to dissolve sulfur dyes.
  • It can be used for the treatment of the conductive layer in direct electroplating.
  • It is used effectively in inhibiting corrosion.
  • It is used in photography.
  • It is used in the manufacture of sulfur dyes.
  • It is used in leather depilatory.
  • It is used in metal smelting.
  • It can be used to improve the quality of the etching surface and can also be used to remove heavy metal impurities such as zinc in the alkaline etching solution.
  • It can also be used in rayon denitration.
  • It is used in the kraft process in the pulp and paper industry.
  • In water treatment, it serves the function of an oxygen scavenger agent.
  • The chemical is also used in ore flotation.
  • In the manufacturing of other chemicals, it acts as both a sulfonation and a sulfomethylation agent.
  • It functions as a bleaching agent in textile production.
  • It is used in the manufacture of detergents.


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