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Sodium Bisulphite BS

CAS Number:

Other trading names:
Sodium hydrogen sulfite
Sulfurous Acid
Sodium salt

Types of packaging:
25kg PP /PE bag
500kg PP /PE bag
1000kg PP /PE bag

HS Code:

Chemical appearance:
Sodium Bisulfite 99% is a chemical compound created by bubbling sulfur dioxide through a solution of sodium carbonate in water. It appears solid white in color with a crystalline or granular texture. Sodium bisulfite also emits a slight sulphurous odor. It is not soluble in water and decomposes at its melting point i.e. 180C.

Chemical application and strengths:

    • Sodium bisulfite is a reliable leaching agent for cyanide detoxification in gold mining. Sodium bisulfite is used for detoxification of process leach residues along with air before discharging to the leach residue ponds. Sodium bisulfite serves as the ideal choice for leaching agent in gold mining despite the various doubts and confusion regarding suitable cyanide detoxification agents.
    • Sodium bisulfite also finds applications for clearing oxidative corrosion in large piping systems. The use of Sodium bisulfite is evident in various biochemical engineering applications as it helps in maintaining anaerobic conditions in a particular reactor.
    • Sodium bisulfite is also used in drinking water treatment as well as wastewater treatment. The primary function of sodium bisulfite in water treatment is the removal of residual chlorine. In the case of drinking water treatment, sodium bisulfite is added after a super chlorination stage before discharging treated water into the service reservoir. Similarly, in wastewater treatment, sodium bisulfite is added after chlorine disinfection and before discharging the effluents to the receiving water.
    • Sodium bisulfite has an interesting feature of application in limited amounts, thereby providing limited costs. The lowered reagent doses with sodium bisulfite make it a cost-effective option for treating cyanide in gold mining. Furthermore, the compliance of sodium bisulfite with safety regulations presents new opportunities for wider uses of Sodium bisulfite.
  • The capabilities of Sodium bisulfite for removal of chlorine also establishes its uses in the pulp and paper industry as well as the photographic industry. 


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